Jack Rochel--Read Jack Rochel bio

09/11/2015 10:57

Jack Rochel could be the current president of Epsilon Electronics Inc. More information about Jack Rochel bio. His company specializes in audio and video products for automotive companies. In order to get competitive within this kind of industry, one has to be innovative and try to keep up with the market trends.

Jack Rochel knows much too well the options a company has to have to be competitive and also steal business away from competitors. With Jack Rochel's leadership, Epsilon Electronics Inc. they managed to become a global leader in car stereo products.

Jack Rochel is aware that the products produced by Epsilon have to become made in-house otherwise they will not are the most innovative products on the market. There are a much more advantages than disadvantages having an in-house team. Jack Rochel is extremely familiar with whatever they entail.